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Representation for life's biggest challenges

Facing challenges can be stressful. If you feel you need legal representation, it is important to find and obtain legal counsel that specializes in the area of law you need. Trust the Law Offices of John B. McMorrow, A Professional Corporation to represent your needs.

Areas of Speciality:

Employment Law | Civil Litigation & Business Litigation  |  Sexual Harassment | Discrimination Claims FEHA Claims  | Wage and Hour Violations Wrongful Discharge | Hostile Work EnvironmentDisability Claims and related matters 

Law Offices of John B. McMorrow specializing in employment law wage & hour violations, real estate matter and related issues in Fremont and southern Alameda County


Trust the experience of John B. McMorrow

to handle your Litigation matters 


● Employment-related claims  ● Wage and Hour ● Wrongful Discharge

● Hostile Work Environment ● Civil Rights, and related matters  ● Business Disputes

● We Defend Small Businesses 

● Real Property Matters ● UCC (United Commercial Code) Claims

 ● General Contract Litigation, and other business disputes  

● Severance and Benefit Package Negotiations 

● Outplacement and agreed positive references 

● Offering a broad range of experience in all types

of  Civil litigation through Trial and or Binding Arbitrations

Over 35 Years litigation experience


Finding the right legal counsel is difficult, especially when you are facing corporate entities. Our office has over 35 years experience in employment, civil and business litigation.

You are represented



In matters that are of high importance and confidentiality, our attorney can work directly with HR professionals and other big business representatives.

Efficient and affordable



Legal services can be costly. Our office understands that you may be hesitant to seek help. Call us today and see how efficient and affordable legal help can be.

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