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With over 35 years of experience, The Law Offices of John B. McMorrow can help you get the justice you deserve.


We have solutions for all Employment Law related problems.










Wage and Hour Violations

The majority of wage and hour violations involve overtime compensation or employers wrongly classifying their employees as independent contractors. Other wage issues involve forcing or coercing workers into working hours they do not claim, such as working from home. If you need representation Contact John B. McMorrow Law.

The Law Offices of John B. McMorrow has exceptional experience in Wage and Hour Violations and provides a comprehensive approach to each unique situation.



  • Unpaid overtime matters

  • Misclassification cases

  • Meal break – Rest period disputes

  • Vacation Pay disputes

  • Labor Commission Hearings (CLC) California Labor Commissioner, (DLSE) Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

  • Labor Code Violation Trials

  • Representing Employers and Employees

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