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Our successes speak for themselves. You'll get peace of mind knowing you are working with a highly-qualified attorney.


Real cases.  Real people.  Real results.

Successful Settlements & Negotiations
  • $1,400,000 Real property dispute - settlement in 10 days

  • $2,000,000+ Medical malpractice

  • $1,000,000+ Nursing home neglect

  • $350,000 Dealership cheated salesman on commissions - settlement

  • $350,000 Female victim of sexual harassment – settlement

  • $250,000 Severance Payment plus benefits within 4 months -negotiated

  • $100,000 Settlement after male employee laid off after telling company he has cancer. Settlement and Reinstated Full Pay & Benefits.

  • $45,000 25-year-old male store clerk, denied OT - settlement

  • $85,000 Racial, ethnic, and religious slurs in the workplace – settlement

  • Race, National Origin, Discrimination, Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination with Numerous high 6 figures ($1,000.00+) negotiated results


Wage & Hour Overtime Violation Cases


  • $85,000 Retail employee cheated out of about $2,500 in overtime and breaks.  Company paid $85,000. to settle.

  • $250,000 A janitor was not paid overtime.  Major National Company paid $250,000 to settle in 3 months!

  • $100,000 Clerk cheated out of overtime and breaks.  Over $100,000 confidential settlement without a trial.

  • $120,000 Coach was not paid overtime.  Over $120,000 settlement without a trial.


Successful Trial


  • $280,000 Male on male sexual harassment - award after trial

  • $285,000 Female worker verbal harassment - award after trial


Since 1976, John has been representing clients through solid case management and effective litigation. I want you to achieve the justice and financial compensation that you so greatly deserve. Our attorney is proud to share these successes with you.

Successful Defense
  • Business sued by an employee alleging wage violation.  We defended.  Case dismissed upon showing Employee Fraud.

  • The company sued another company in a Class-Action alleging Warranty Fraud.  Successfully defended Business, Case dismissed within 5 months.

  • Plaintiff, a female in her early 40's, reported offensive sexual speech from a co-worker Manager to the Dealership's Owner, hoping the Owner would do his duty and make the Manager stop the offensive behavior.  Instead, the Owner fired the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff retained The Law Offices of John B. McMorrow. To avoid having the case heard by a Judge arbitrator, the Dealership paid $250,000 to settle rather than have to explain their actions to a Judge.

  • Former Officer Manager sues medical practice for over $250,000.  The first defense lawyer wants the practice to settle.  We take over the case.  Develop new evidence pointing to multiple accounts of perjury by the Plaintiff.  Case settles for nominal amount while waiting to begin Jury selection.

  • Startup sued for over $3,000,000 plus punitive damages, and individual investors sued personally.  Case settles just before trial with Plaintiff only receiving $50K, not the millions sued for. 

  • Owner of an industrial park sued by a former employee. Case tossed out on a Summary Judgement, without having the expense of a Trial.

  • Small Business sued for over $400,000 by a former manager.  Midway thru the trial, the case settles for $30K  as a nuisance settlement.  The case was dismissed.

  • Executive sues small business seeking $700,000 plus punitive damages against the company and the Owner. Developed evidence of resume fraud by Plaintiff and case resolves without a trial.  Claims against small business and the Owner dismissed.

Settlements Negotiations
Wage Hour Violation Cases
Successful Defense
Successful Trial

Each legal case is different, and past performance does not guarantee future results.

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